Art of Scoring Malware Detections – Friend or Foe?

15 August 2014 | Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, Vectra Networks

As our customer base has grown, the variety of opinions about what constitutes a threat has grown with it.

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Packet Pushers Shines Critical Light on New Cyber Security Solution

14 August 2014 | Tom Canty, Vectra Marketing

When it comes to vetting IT solutions, Greg Farro and Ethan Banks of Packet Pushers set the bar high, and their insight allows us to follow suit. After all, no one likes an easy sell.

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A recent survey from the Information Security Group on LinkedIn found that employees are using their personal devices for the workplace whether it's supporting by IT or not. That opens up a huge security risk for the enterprise.

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The Hidden Risk of Not Detecting Bitcoin Mining

06 June 2014 | Mike Banic, VP of Marketing, Vectra Networks

On June 6th, Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill wrote about an NSF researcher who misused NSF-funded supercomputing resources to mine Bitcoin valued between $8,000 and $10,000. The article points to a student at London Imperial College and a researcher at Harvard University who are also alleged to have used their University’s computers to mine a similar virtual currency called Dogecoin.

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Are We Secure?

28 May 2014 | Dain Perkins, Senior System Engineer, Vectra Networks

Instead of focusing on signatures, payloads, sandboxing, or reputations, the Vectra X-series breach detection platform looks for malicious behaviors on the network in real time and tracks these behaviors regardless of OS, device or application, correlating multiple behaviors over time that could be missed by other solutions.

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Responding to a Priority One Malware Attack

7 May 2014 | Jason Tesarz, System Engineer, Vectra Networks

Here's the customer scenario: It's fire drill time. Internet connectivity and applications are going down and everyone is panicking. Your organization has been either compromised by malware or you are being actively attacked. Now is the time that all of your security products need to be working, and working well.

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Heartbleed on the Inside

1 May 2014 | Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, Vectra Networks

Many of the world's computers used to control and manage heavy industrial equipment may be vulnerable, too. "The pernicious thing about OpenSSL is that it's used everywhere," said Oliver Tavakoli, CTO of Vectra Networks, a network security firm based in San Jose, Calif. "If the management systems are on any kind of IP network and they have a Web-based interface, typically they would use OpenSSL, and that means they're potentially vulnerable to Heartbleed."

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I'll Have Two BYOD and One Mobile, Hold the Malware Threats Please

29 April 2014 | Mike Banic, VP Marketing, Vectra Networks

While meeting with a customer last week, we looked through the detections report to see if some of the new algorithms we released had produced detections. I noticed the lines for all categories of detections dropped precipitously and then increased nearly as rapidly two days later. Nearly as fast as I pointed my finger at the screen, he said, "Yeah, that's the weekend." It took 3 seconds for us both to say, "Laptops."

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Finding Signals in Security's White Noise

22 April 2014 | Mike Banic, VP Marketing, Vectra Networks

A customer recently shared her perspective in the growing security white noise – a term she uses to describe the increasingly high volume of alerts coming out of the defense in depth security. To punctuate her point, she pulled up a recent Wall Street Journal blog with an example from Gartner analyst Avivah Litan of a client who receives over 135,000 security alerts a day. As Avivah aptly stated, "It becomes like the car alarms going off in a parking lot – no one takes them seriously because generally there are too many false car alarms."

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Divining Attacker Intent

16 April 2014 | Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, Vectra Networks

In talking to customers, I am frequently reminded of the fact that people's understanding of how malware is built and delivered hasn't kept up with the changing landscape over the past few years. While most people expect actual targeted attacks to evolve through multiple stages, much of the run-of-the-mill botnet malware no longer infects a system in a single stage either.

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Security Report Season

2 April 2014 | Oliver Tavakoli, CTO, Vectra Networks

The first quarter of every year in the security business brings every imaginable retrospective of all the bad things that happened the prior year. This year is no different. As I read this year's crop of reports (this required several cups of coffee), I was struck by the fact that much of the focus continues to be on malware families, which I call "the race to win the naming game," and the number of zero-day threats found.

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Does Your Security Architecture Adapt to Changing Threats?

25 March 2014 | Mike Banic, VP Marketing, Vectra Networks

Target, Neiman Marcus, Michael's. There's no doubt that the retail sector is under attack, but prominent retailers are not alone. Criminals are targeting banks, healthcare providers, government agencies and even high schools—anyone with high-value data or a reputation to protect. Whether your business is big or small, chances are that hackers have already penetrated your network.

But what do you do?

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