Artificial intelligence that automates real-time threat detection and response.

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Because it’s nearly impossible to find hidden attackers in your network...

You need non-stop, automated threat hunting powered by artificial intelligence.

You need security that thinks®

"We've got to get faster. We've got to be more agile." – Adm. Michael S. Rogers

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The fastest, most efficient way to detect and mitigate cyber attackers in your network

Vectra is Security that thinks®

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Post-Intrusion Report, 2016

The Vectra Post-Intrusion Report provides a first-hand analysis of active and persistent threats inside a network.

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Network security redefined: Vectra's cybersecurity thinking machine detects and anticipates attacks in real time
Prevention security at the network perimeter provides one imperfect chance to stop an attack.


Stealthy ransomware: Extortion evolves

by Kevin Kennedy

It seems like a new variant or victim of ransomware is in the news every day. It’s newsworthy because it works so well and causes widespread destruction.

So when the recent wave of stories hit about PetrWrap, a variation of the widely known Petya ransomware strain, it was easy to miss the significance. The “no-honor-among-thieves” narrative crowded out its true importance.


  • Automatically quarantine endpoints based on network attack behavior detections

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