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Own a printer, own a network with point and print drive-by
12 July 2016

Printers present an interesting IoT example because they are far more powerful than other IoT devices, yet are not always considered real computers by most network administrators. More

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Vectra encourages partners to be MSPs with technology program
CRN | 18 August 2016

Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra, says “channel partners are looking to augment and build out multi-layered offerings and service delivery capabilities as they transform their business as traditional resellers to being very services led. That's why we've gone out and created technology alliances." More

Firmware, controllers and BIOS: Subterranean malware blues
SecurityWeek | 16 August 2016

With all the effort expended on securing virtualized environments, one of the biggest vulnerabilities is in hardware, says Wade Williamson, Vectra director of threat analytics. This is true not just in the data center, but in our laptops. The underlying firmware, controllers, and BIOS can undercut what we think we know about a device. More

Unwanted guests: Hackers breach HEI Hotels & Resorts' POS terminals
SC Magazine | 15 August 2016

Following a data breach at HEI Hotels & Resorts, Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann explains why the hospitality industry continues to serve as a target of attack. Because the hospitality industry “depends heavily on transient and temporary staff, they are more prone to physical subversion of their systems.” More

Seven reasons why the Sage data breach should come as no surprise
Computer Business Review | 15 August 2016

Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra, comments on the Sage breach, “The simplest way to access unauthorised systems is through the acquisition and misuse of legitimate credentials. Other 'insiders' may seek to escalate their privileges or broaden the hosts and services they wish to access for nefarious reasons." More

The debate over encryption backdoors
Infosecurity | 15 August 2016

Months on from Apple and the FBI headlines, the security industry has had a chance to reflect on the lessons learned about backdoors in products – whether deliberate or put there without all parties knowing. Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann looks at the case for encryption in the second half of 2016. More

AI in cyber-security: Creating the best defence against modern cyber attacks
Computer Business Review | 12 August 2016

Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at Vectra Networks, told CBR: “Most leading edge cyber security solutions would more accurately be described as employing ‘data science’ and ‘machine learning’ than ‘AI’. More

Five Channel Ops: Sophos at Black Hat, pen testing musts, new datto data centers
Channel Partners | 5 August 2016

Here’s one more: Vectra Networks, winner of the Best-of-Black Hat award for most innovative emerging company. Vectra’s technology uses machine learning and behavioral analysis to spot threats in network traffic in real time, and it has a comprehensive channel program. More

Black Hat 2016 round-up: Jeep Cherokee hacked again and Olympic cyber threats
Computer Business Review | 5 August 2016

Accolades: Vectra was given the ‘Most Innovative Emerging Company’ for its tool allowing security teams to prioritise threats at their organisations. More

Günter Ollmann on the future of ransomware, exploit kits and IoT
Threatpost | 5 August 2016

Günter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra networks, talks to Mike Mimoso at Black Hat about ransomware as a prototype for malware going forward, as well as the long-term future of exploit kits and whether IoT is something that can be secured sooner rather than later. More

Vectra Networks Wins Best of Black Hat Award for “Most Innovative Emerging Company”
Vectra Press Release | 4 August 2016

Vectra Networks wins “Most Innovative Emerging Company” in Dark Reading’s Best of Black Hat Awards. More

Dark Reading names Vectra the Best of Black Hat Most Innovative Emerging Company
Dark Reading | 3 August 2016

Editors at Dark Reading selected Vectra because it addresses several persistent security challenges with solutions that are inventive and practical. Vectra prioritizes threats for your organization, reduces attacker dwell time, and correlates threat detections with your most important assets. "With just a glance at the simple, elegant visualization used by Vectra’s threat certainty index, an infosec pro will know in moments what needs their attention first,” notes Tim Wilson, editor-in-chief at Dark Reading. More

AI in cyber-security: Are we trying to run before we can crawl?
SC Magazine | 2 August 2016

Vectra CTO Oliver Tavakoli said it best: “We need to use machine learning where it makes sense – when we analyze advanced of attacks, correlate behavior and conduct data reduction. When we call it AI, we're constructing a narrative that is often used by marketing to build buzz. The term is one of pop culture rather than an actual scientific term.” More

Solar panels, vacation Wi-Fi at risk for hacking
USA Today | 1 August 2016

“The bad guys communicate really, really well," says Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann. "They have an entire ecosystem for sharing and monetizing techniques. Our corporate security community doesn't have those tools, but we have Black Hat and DefCon and BSides." More

LastPass security flaws put passwords at risk, patch rolling out
SearchSecurity | 27 July 2016

Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann, Vectra CTO Oliver Tavakoli and security researcher Lane Thames at the Tripwire Vulnerability and Exposures Research Team agreed that the vulnerability should not have been discussed on Twitter, but Tavakoli thought the security flaws were nonetheless disclosed responsibly. More

Ten emerging security vendors you should know about
CRN | 25 July 2016

CRN named Vectra Networks to its prestigious list of 2016 Emerging Vendors. Vectra was singled out by CRN as a rising technology innovator who is reshaping the future of the IT channel. The CRN Emerging Vendors list is a valuable resource for solution providers looking to expand their portfolios with cutting-edge technology. More

How predictive analytics discovers a data breach before it happens
TechCrunch | 25 July 2016

We have to consider that the tools and tactics of our adversaries will evolve and change in parallel with ours, warns Oliver Tavakoli, CTO at cybersecurity firm Vectra Networks. “After several years spent trying to perfect predictive analytics, attackers will counter with feints and pattern randomization." More

July 2016: A perfect vulnerability storm
SecurityWeek | 25 July 2016

July was the busiest month in recent memory for vulnerabilities, says Wade Williamson, Vectra director of threat analytics. The vulns were copious and severe, and all the big vendors seemed to suffer. And while every organization strives to keep their technology patched and updated, months like this remind us that it is impossible to be perfect. More

Time to update how we manage and address malware infections
IT Security Guru | 25 July 2016

As advances in network-based detection increase the fidelity and coverage of malware and threats, the possibility of specific attribution will continue to recede, says Mike Banic, vice president of marketing at Vectra. The malware ecosystem continues to evolve swiftly, and security researchers and professionals need to adapt accordingly. More

Cyber security basics: Four best practices for stopping the insider threat
Computer Business Review | 20 July 2016

Whether external and insider, detecting threats requires identifying when hosts behave in a way that exposes data or assets. “There is a need to track the flow of data within a network to proactively identify the acquisition, staging, and stealing of data, whether driven by an insider or outsider,” says Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra. More

Vectra Networks Recognized as a CRN 2016 ‘Emerging Vendor’
Vectra Press Release | 20 July 2016

Vectra Networks recognized for creativity and innovation in product development, as well as a strong commitment to delivering those offerings through a vibrant channel of solution providers. More

Microsoft rolls out a patch to fix a 20-year-old security flaw; but is it really effective?
University Herald News | 15 July 2016

The security flaw enabled malicious users to covertly install a hand-picked malware on computers that connect to fake printers or devices that pose as printers. Vectra Networks security experts found that the issue dwells in the Windows Print Spooler component that connects to available printers. More

Industry pros consider widespread affects of Windows printer flaw
SC Magazine | 14 July 2016

Discovered by researchers at Vectra, the flaw allows any printer or device that mimics a printer to install malware on computers on a local area network. The print spooler does not authenticate printer drivers, allowing attackers to infect multiple computers on the network and continue to infect other devices as they discover the driver. More

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