Shouldn't an Intrusion Detection System Actually Detect Intrusions?


Cyber attackers secretly communicate inside your network

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Detecting Advanced Threats Using Network Traffic Analysis


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The latest research shows spikes in reconnaissance and lateral movement, changes in command-and-control attack techniques, and a penchant for using hidden tunnels to smuggle data within HTTPS traffic.


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Will IDS ever be able to detect intrusions again?
3 November 2015

IDS has been around for decades and has long been a cornerstone of network security. But over the years, IDS was gradually absorbed by IPS, and IDS simply became thought of as a deployment option of IPS. More

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Vectra wins 2015 Computer Technology Review Most Valuable Product award
Computer Technology Review | 24 November 2015

Vectra advanced persistent threat (APT) security software was chosen by the Computer Technology Review editorial panel based on rigorous judging criteria that included product innovation, functionality and affordability. More

Vectra Networks Honored as Gold Winner in 7th Annual Golden Bridge Awards for Leading Advanced Persistent Threat Defense System
Vectra Press Release | 19 November 2015

Vectra Networks has won the Gold Award in the 7th annual Golden Bridge Awards program in the Security Software Innovations awards category. More

The Internet of Things is making oil production vulnerable to hacking
Motherboard | 17 November 2015

The oil and gas industry is caught in a slump, with prices going up and down and profits in decline. But it faces another major problem that's gotten less attention: Cyber attacks could threaten industry stability and worker safety. More

GSN announces winners and finalists in 2015 Homeland Security Awards
Government Security News | 17 November 2015

Government Security News is pleased to announce that Vectra has been named a finalist in its seventh annual Homeland Security Awards for Best Threat Intelligence Solution. More

Vectra helps organizations identify intruders that are already in their networks
infoTECH Spotlight | 16 November 2015

Most security solutions have one at-bat, yet attackers can typically survive undetected in a network for around 225 days, says Vectra’s Mike Banic. “Every network has likely been hacked, but they just don’t know it yet,” he says. More

A look at real risks to school networks, with a level-headed security approach
EdTech Digest | 16 November 2015

Unlike vendors that attempt to make every piece of malware sound like the end of the world, it is important to show IT security teams which threats actually pose the greatest risks to the university. More

Video: Top Vectra executive talks about cyber security with TMCnet editors
TMCnet | 14 November 2015

Vice president of marketing Mike Banic shares the company's latest developments and discusses its recent advancements in the real-time detection of in-progress cyber attacks that spread inside networks. More

Vectra is among 16 technology innovators at SINET
Ulitzer | 13 November 2015

The capstone event of SINET is its yearly innovation showcase in Washington, D.C., the last of which was held Nov. 3-4. The showcase brought together innovative solutions from 16 firms, including Vectra, selected by a collective of seasoned judges. More

Branch offices are more than a remote risk to network security
Computer Technology Review | 13 November 2015

While remote offices, clinics, bank branches and retail locations are critical to business success, they often lack the same security protections found at the headquarters or data center locations. More

Cybersecurity students learn by hacking at RIT Collegiate Pentesting Competition
RIT University News | 11 November 2015

Rochester Institute of Technology is already planning its second Collegiate Pentesting Competition after the success of its first annual event held Nov. 7–8 in Rochester, N.Y. Teams from nine regional universities faced-off at RIT as they broke into computer networks, evaluated their weak points and presented plans to better secure them. More

Can we protect data without prying?
InfoSecurity | 11 November 2015

Are cybersecurity and privacy mutually exclusive, or is it possible to have both? Oliver Tavakoli, CTO of Vectra Networks, offers a quick analysis of the commercial solutions available from well-known cybersecurity suppliers to provide valuable insight. More

Vectra sponsors collegiate competition to battle cyber threats
PRWeb | 3 November 2015

A new competition at Rochester Institute of Technology allows students to attack the problem of cyber security from a different perspective. Instead of defending themselves against attackers, as other cyber threat competitions do, these students create a full-fledged plan of attack and launch it against a network. More

TalkTalk reveals extent of data hack, second teen arrested
Energy & Technology Magazine | 30 October 2015

Two teens arrested after being implicated in the attack on internet service provider TalkTalk in which 1.2 million customer details were stolen last week. More

SINET Names Vectra Networks a Top Emerging Cybersecurity Company in 2015
Vectra Press Release | 29 October 2015

Vectra® Networks has been named a winner in the annual Security Innovation Network (SINET) 16 Innovator competition as a top emerging cybersecurity company in 2015. More

Putting on the cyber shift: How to adapt to advanced strategies
infoTECH Spotlight | 28 October 2015

Cyber attackers are moving laterally inside networks and using hidden tunnels of encrypted traffic to get around. The encrypted traffic that protects data within modern applications – such as SharePoint, Exchange,, and Google Apps – creates a blind spot that can be exploited by advanced threats and malware. More

Vectra Networks Reveals Cyber Attackers’ Covert Encrypted Communications
Vectra Press Release | 27 October 2015

Vectra announces the unprecedented ability to detect malicious attack communications in encrypted tunnels – without decrypting traffic – as well as identify attack communications that hide in web and other common applications inside today’s networks. More

Breach analytics: The next billion-dollar investment opportunity
VentureBeat | 24 October 2015

Vectra takes the network analytics approach, proposing to weave together data via machine learning to surface anomalous behaviors and even anticipate an attacker’s next move. More

Cyber security experts react to TalkTalk breach
Threat Intelligence Times | 23 October 2015

In the wake of news that TalkTalk have suffered their third serious data breach in a year, industry experts have lined up to express concern at the company’s blasé attitude toward cyber security. More

Expert comment: TalkTalk cyber breach
IDG Connect | 23 October 2015

For the third time, UK telecoms provider TalkTalk has fallen victim to a cyber-breach and there could be as many as four million customers affected. More

TalkTalk receives ransom demand following website hack
Wall Street Journal | 23 October 2015

TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC said Friday it has received a ransom demand from someone claiming responsibility for a criminal hack of its website that could have resulted in the theft of data from its database. More

Vectra Networks Achieves FIPS 140-2 Encryption Validation to Meet Federal Requirements
Vectra Press Release | 20 October 2015

Vectra has been awarded Certificate #2448 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This is the result of successfully testing the Vectra Cryptographic Module against the federally-mandated encryption standards on three Linux platforms: SUSE Linux Enterprise, CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. More

Oil and gas industry must face the challenges of cyber safety
Houston Chronicle | 18 October 2015

Cyber threats to the oil and gas industry infrastructure are potentially more serious than the breaches where hackers capitalize on stolen personal, health care or financial information. Nation states and foreign businesses have motivations to carry out cyber attacks with potentially crippling global consequences. More

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