Security that thinks

Vectra continuously listens, thinks and learns. Adapting to the fast-changing malware threat landscape, Vectra instantly detects attacks at every phase as they are happening.


Detect insider threats proactively

Community Threat Analysis puts your organizations key assets at the center of real-time investigations of insider and targeted attacks.


Ever wonder what an attacker does inside your network?

Read the first industry report that studies what attackers did once they breach the perimeter security at financial, technology, legal and high-education organizations.


Targeted attacks

Learn how targeted attacks work and how Vectra detects attacks that evade perimeter security, and protects users from targeted attacks for which signatures and reputation lists have very limited efficacy.


BYOD ushers in security exploits

Detecting malware on BYOD and mobile devices is a requirement for 60% of organizations according to the second annual report on BYOD and Mobility Security from the Information Security Community on LinkedIn.


Getting a clear picture of a computer network’s security

With Vectra, you can quickly find out what’s inside the network, with an advanced degree of precision, so that CISOs don’t have to spend all their time chasing false leads.

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Cyber security hygiene to prevent malware threats

The CEO of the Council on Cyber Secuity, Jane Lute, discusses the ever-changing malware threat landscape and Vectra’s ability to continuously scan, diagnose and provide opportunities to mitigate loss during the lifecycle of a malware threat.




Up and running in minutes. Vectra learns everything it needs to know.


Continuous malware threat monitoring instantly identifies any phase of an attack.


The Threat Certainty Index™ ensures you address the highest malware threat first.


Learns new malware threat behaviors and adapts to your ever-changing network.


Detecting the Insider Threat – how to find the needle in a haystack?
19 January 2015

Overall, insider threats represent only a small proportion of employee behavior. And while only the ‘black swan’ incidents become public knowledge, minor incidents such as theft of IP or customer contact lists will add up to major costs for organizations. More

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News & Media

Vectra Networks correlates odd bits of user behavior that signal an attack in progress
Network World | 9 January 2015

By correlating seemingly odd bits of user activity that individually might be ignored, Vectra formulates a "threat certainty" score that prioritizes events and, ideally, triggers alerts to security operations people before any communications leaves the company. More

Data science and machine learning will fight cyber-attacks, says Vectra Networks: 2015 Tech Predictions
SiliconANGLE | 31 December 2014

Vectra VP of Marketing Mike Banic predicts data science and machine learning will become the focus of the fight on cyber-attacks, cyber security will get social, and new entrants will continue to disrupt the cyber security market. More

New products of the week 12.22.201
Network World | 22 December 2014

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Dell, CloudBerry and Vectra (See Slide 16). More

Vectra Networks X-Series Platform IDs Real-Time Threats
eWeek | 22 December 2014

Real-time cyber-attack detector Vectra Networks has introduced a real-time detection platform for insider and targeted threats. More

Breach Detection, Sony Entertainment and Vectra Networks…
EMA Blogs | 19 December 2014

Working in information security for the past 20 years, I have seen a lot. Though there have been many multi-million dollar impact breaches, the recent Sony Pictures hack and subsequent data exposure and extortion is probably the most impactful to a company out of the previous breaches this year. More

Put the Insider Threat in Your Sights
InfoTech | 15 December 2014

Regardless of how well we secure our assets from outside parties, we ultimately need to give access to our employees, contractors and partners in order for them to do their jobs. Misuse of this privileged access, whether through data theft or damage, is an unfortunate, yet inherent risk of doing business for most organizations. More

Vectra Networks Released Real-Time Detection Platform for Protection Against Insider and Targeted Threats
PCC Mobile Broadband | 15 December 2014

Vectra Networks has released an updated real-time detection platform - X-series platform - aimed for insider and targeted threats detection. More

Vectra Launches Real-Time Detection Platform To Curb Insider Threat
Homeland Security Today | 11 December 2014

Vectra Networks announced release of a real-time detection platform to protect organizations and government agencies from insider and target threats. More

Tracking Cyber Threats from Inside a Company (video)
BloombergTV's Taking Stock | 10 December 2014

CEO Hitesh Sheth tells BloombergTV's Pimm Fox how Community Threat Analysis dynamically creates a clear picture of typical network access through the entire corporate network, identifying anomalies and flagging unauthorized access to documents, data and intellectual property, making it an effective way of recognizing insider attacks. More

Vectra Networks Launches Real Time Detection
The VAR Guy | 10 December 2014

Vectra Networks has released its updated X-series platform, the first real-time detection solution designed to discover insider and targeted threats. The new platform promises to help organizations gain instant visibility into potential threats by leveraging a combination of dynamic community threat analysis and real-time detection of cyberattacks. More

Vectra Networks Updates Threat Detection Platform
Security Week | 10 December 2014

The Vectra X-series platform is designed to detect sophisticated threats by using a combination of security research, data science and machine learning. According to the company, the product is capable of detecting attacks on all operating systems, applications and devices regardless of the method and location of the initial delivery. More

Vectra Networks Launches Industry’s First Real-Time Detection Platform that Protects against Insider and Targeted Threats
Vectra Press Release | 10 December 2014

Vectra Networks introduces the industry’s first real-time detection platform for insider and targeted threats, enabling organizations to best protect their networks from today’s complex attacks. More

Review: Vectra X-Series Prevents Data Breaches with AI
Enterprise Networking Planet | 9 December 2014

Frank Ohlhorst details how data breaches happen and what Vectra’s X-Series security appliances can do to detect and prevent them. More

An epic ride: A look back at the ever-changing information security industry
SC Magazine | 8 December 2014

“We've gone from an environment where people were essentially stationary with fixed computing assets to one where everything is porous and people are mobile and applications and data and information are all in the cloud,” says Hitesh Sheth, president and CEO for Vectra Networks. More

Industry Reactions to Devastating Sony Hack
Security Week | 5 December 2014

The systems of entertainment giant Sony have been hacked once again, and although the full extent of the breach is not yet known, the incident will likely be added to the list of most damaging cyberattacks. More

The Inner Workings of a Targeted Attack
TechRepublic | 1 December 2014

Vectra Networks' X-Series of appliances combine advanced analytics with AI to identify threats in real time. More

Vectra Networks’ Post Breach Report Reveals Attacker Habits
The VAR Guy | 25 November 2014

Ten percent of hosts experience at least one or more cyberattacks that bypass enterprise security perimeter defenses, according to a new study by security solution provider Vectra Networks. More

NotCompatible Mobile Malware Gets Badder
LinuxInsider | 21 November 2014

The new "C" version of the NotCompatible malware that targets Android devices is very difficult to stop -- but it's not that hard to avoid. More

Feedback Friday: Executives Targeted in 'Darkhotel' Attacks - Industry Reactions
Security Week | 14 November 2014

When it comes tothe DarkHotel issue and the fast-evolving threat landscape, "what the malware is doing" is more important than "what the malware is." More

Survey Roundup: False Sense of Security?
Wall Street Journal | 14 November 2014

A report by data security company Vectra Networks looks at how cybercriminals bypass perimeter defenses, andwhat they do inside a network once they have gained access. More

Targeted Attacks Cause Damage in Multiple Ways
eWeek | 14 November 2014

Overall, 15 percent of hosts in the participating organizations experienced a targeted attack, according to a Vectra Networks report. More

USPS Employees, Retirees, Customers Exposed in Hack Attack
Tech News World | 11 November 2014

There's speculation that China might be behind a months-long hack attack that breached USPS servers, compromising personal data of workers and customers. More

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