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NOPEN: A RAT with benefits
14 September 2016

While digging and reversing my way through the Equation Group dump, I’ve come across a few interesting pieces that probably are not getting the attention they deserve. While a lot of the initial research has focused on the potential 0-days, the dump also gives a glimpse into the backbone tools and operational methods of a serious hacking group. More

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News & Media

Yahoo to face 'serious questions' in UK
The Telegraph | 23 September 2016

"By calling it 'state sponsored' organisations, are attempting to deflect the discussion from the types of tools used and their failed defences, and to posit that they had no chance of protecting their data because 'the government did it'," said Günter Ollmann, chief security officer at Vectra Networks. More

In Yahoo breach, hackers may seek intelligence, not riches
The New York Times | 23 September 2016

Some analysts warn that "state sponsored" can be a vague term. It might also be an easy excuse to deflect blame for a company's own security lapses, by suggesting it had no hope of defeating hackers who had all the resources of a government intelligence agency behind them, warned Günter Ollmann, chief security officer at Vectra Networks, a San Jose, California, security firm. More

Yahoo! hack – industry reactions
IT Security Guru | 23 September 2016

Matt Walmsley, director, EMEA at Vectra Networks comments on the Yahoo! hack: “It’s extremely concerning just how many organisations are still blissfully unaware of huge data breaches taking place within their network infrastructure. Research shows that only about two out of 10 data breaches are detected internally – leaving around 80 percent of data breaches detected by external discovery and third party agencies.” More

Hintertüren in datacenter firewalls – Einfallstor Rechenzentrum
Funkschau | 22 September 2016

Vectra Networks möchte mit einer neuen Lösung versteckte Sicherheitslücken in Netzwerkinfrastrukturen wie Firewalls, Server, Router und Switches aufdecken. Das berichtet das Fachmagazin Funkschau. Demnach ermöglicht diese Sicherheitslösung branchenweit erstmalig die erforderliche Transparenz, den Kontext und die Intelligenz, um selbst hochentwickelte Angriffe auf das Rechenzentrum aufzudecken. More

Calling it 'critical infrastructure' won't protect the vote
The Christian Science Monitor | 21 September 2016

While U.S. officials have suggested designating election systems as critical infrastructure after the Democratic National Committee hack, 62% of Passcode Influencers say it's not enough. “Unless we move beyond a declaration and into actual protection, proclamation would act more like an invitation to global hackers," said Vectra CTO Günter Ollmann. More

Bringing cybersecurity to the data center
SecurityWeek | 19 September 2016

We need to recognize the uniqueness of the data center and the threats they face, while recognizing that this uniqueness does not make them separate. Look for the attack techniques that are unique to the data center, while retaining the context of everything we've learned in the campus. This requires some planning, but is achievable. More

What to think about when moving to the cloud
CSO | 19 September 2016

Günter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks, said, "Instead of buying hardware and appliances with a three-to-five-year depreciation lifecycle, they are buying a service. They are now paying, typically, based around number of servers or users being protected. Their security spend can change drastically in Capex and Opex." More

Advisors' account security may leave your money vulnerable
CNBC | 16 September 2016

The more places your information is stored and the more people have access to it, the more potential points of attack there are, said Vectra CEO Hitesh Sheth. Encrypted databases don't mean much if your financial advisor takes work home on an unencrypted thumb drive or an office assistant falls for a phishing email. More

Cybersecurity predictions for 2016: How are they doing?
ZDNet | 15 September 2016

Vectra's prediction that 2016 would see ransomware "focus more on holding enterprise assets hostage and less on individuals," is supported by a recent report that shows nearly 40% of businesses surveyed experienced a ransomware attack in the last year. Over a third lost revenue and 20% had to completely cease business operations. More

Vectra extends its threat management into the data center
SDxCentral | 14 September 2016

Vectra, which has been focusing on campus networks, is expanding its reach to the data center and the public cloud. The company is among a new wave of security companies that detect attacks in progress. Vectra's new strategies detect bad behavior because intruders in the data center don’t have the same goals as intruders in the campus network do. More

Verhaltensanalyse zur Abwehr von Angriffen auf das RZ
LANline | 14 September 2016

Vectra Networks bietet nun auch Rechenzentren einen umfassenden Schutz vor Hackerangriffen. Das berichtet das Fachmagazin LANline. More

Wipro allies with specialists to combat cyber threats
CXOtoday | 13 September 2016

India’s third largest IT services firm has recently partnered with Silicon Valley-based cyber security firm Vectra Networks and Israel-based IntSights Cyber Intelligence to bolster and expand its threat intelligence-as-a-service offering. More

Are our data centres insecure?
SC Magazine | 13 September 2016

A challenge facing virtualised data centres is securing the physical infrastructure on which the virtual or shared service sits. The point of attack is the area outside of the hypervisor and virtual machines, utilising support and management protocols such as IPMI. It is the physical infrastructure – the servers, switches and firewalls – that is being targeted. More

NOPEN is the Equation Group's backdoor for Unix systems
Softpedia | 13 September 2016

Security experts from Vectra Networks have taken a closer look at one of the files leaked by the Shadow Brokers, a nefarious group that claims to have stolen hacking tools from the Equation Group, a US-based cyber-espionage actor that some security vendors say is the NSA. More

Einfallstor Rechenzentrum: Vectra Networks schließt Hintertüren in Data Center Firewalls
Vectra Press Release | 13 September 2016

Vectra Networks, ein führender Anbieter von Lösungen zur automatisierten Echtzeit-Erkennung von Cyberangriffen, stellt heute den branchenweit ersten umfassenden Ansatz zur Aufdeckung von versteckten Sicherheitslücken in Netzwerkinfrastrukturen wie Firewalls, Server, Router und Switches vor. Die Sicherheitslösung adressiert Hintertüren für Cyberangriffe in privaten Unternehmensrechenzentren und Public Clouds. More

Vectra Networks Takes On Backdoors in Data Center Firewalls Planted by Advanced Adversaries
Vectra Press Release | 13 September 2016

Vectra Networks today announced the industry’s first comprehensive approach to detect backdoors embedded in network infrastructure including firewalls, servers, routers and switches, found at the heart of private enterprise data centers and public clouds. More

Wipro and Vectra Networks Partner to Deliver Automated 'Threat Hunting-as-a-Service'
Vectra Press Release | 12 September 2016

Wipro Limited, today announced a partnership with Vectra Networks, a Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity company that provides automated threat management solutions for real-time detection of in-progress cyber attacks. More

Thinking your way to safety
Computing Security | 31 August 2016

Does behavioural analytics fit into the concept of machine learning? Vectra EMEA Director Matt Walmsley comments, "Behavioural analytics is a powerful component in machine learning, based on real-time threat detection and management. By focusing on behaviours rather than signatures, it's possible for previously unknown threats to be identified." More

Vectra encourages partners to be MSPs with technology program
CRN | 18 August 2016

Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra, says “channel partners are looking to augment and build out multi-layered offerings and service delivery capabilities as they transform their business as traditional resellers to being very services led. That's why we've gone out and created technology alliances." More

Firmware, controllers and BIOS: Subterranean malware blues
SecurityWeek | 16 August 2016

With all the effort expended on securing virtualized environments, one of the biggest vulnerabilities is in hardware, says Wade Williamson, Vectra director of threat analytics. This is true not just in the data center, but in our laptops. The underlying firmware, controllers, and BIOS can undercut what we think we know about a device. More

Unwanted guests: Hackers breach HEI Hotels & Resorts' POS terminals
SC Magazine | 15 August 2016

Following a data breach at HEI Hotels & Resorts, Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann explains why the hospitality industry continues to serve as a target of attack. Because the hospitality industry “depends heavily on transient and temporary staff, they are more prone to physical subversion of their systems.” More

Seven reasons why the Sage data breach should come as no surprise
Computer Business Review | 15 August 2016

Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra, comments on the Sage breach, “The simplest way to access unauthorised systems is through the acquisition and misuse of legitimate credentials. Other 'insiders' may seek to escalate their privileges or broaden the hosts and services they wish to access for nefarious reasons." More

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