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Ransomware lessons from Julius Caesar
7 June 2016

In his youth, Julius Caesar was taken hostage by Sicilian pirates and held for a ransom of 20 talents of silver (about 0.5 tons). He managed to convince the pirates that he was more important than that and encouraged them to demand 50 talents of silver instead. More

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Der Kanarienvogel in der Ransomware-Mine
IT-Sicherheit | 20 June 2016

Da es Firmen immer öfter an personellen und finanziellen Ressourcen fehlt, stellt sich die Frage, mit welchen Methoden die Daten-Verschlüsselung durch Ransomware-Angriffe kosteneffizient und zuverlässig verhindert werden kann. Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann erklärt in einem ausführlichen Beitrag auf, was es mit dem Prinzip des Kanarienvogels auf sich hat und wie IT Security Teams damit auf einfache Weise Ransomware erkennen und abwehren können. More

Ransomware explained: How digital extortion turns data into a silent hostage
Computerworld UK | 20 June 2016

Vectra explains how the correlation of multiple anomalies can be used to spot ransomware. “The detection of the malware doing its stuff was detected through three different machine learning algorithms," Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann tells Computerworld UK. "We have deliberately focused on new machine learning strategies.” More

Hackers targeting Clinton aides struck across U.S. politics
Bloomberg Politics | 17 June 2016

"Any of the standard Russian hacking teams and protagonists would be happy to do this kind of thing for fun or a small fee," said Günter Ollmann, chief security officer at Vectra Networks. "A high profile U.S. target with juicy data that could be leaked or sold, and never under the risk of Russian law enforcement, is easily justified." More

On the Wire podcast: Wade Williamson
On the Wire | 17 June 2016

To cut through the noise and nonsense surrounding ransomware in the enterprise, Dennis Fisher, editor-in-chief at On the Wire, called Wade Williamson of Vectra Networks to discuss the ways in which organizations are detecting and dealing with ransomware on a network level and how they’re implementing and using threat intelligence feeds. More

As ransomware rises, cybersecurity researchers fight back
The Christian Science Monitor | 13 June 2016

Another firm, Vectra Networks, has also developed a ransomware detection scheme that can quickly recognize the virus by a series of malicious behaviors, such as unauthorized file encryption – combined with a so-called “file canary” system – a phony file system used to bait hackers. More

Hackers shift to Neutrino exploit kit to spread CryptXXX ransomware
SC Magazine | 10 June 2016

Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann tells SC Magazine that the exploit kit change is likely driven by infection performance – which supports the idea that additional AV products would be less capable of detecting the threat. “Anti-malware technologies that use static signatures will likely be slow to react to the change of threat vector and distribution.” More

The hot cybersecurity topics at Infosec 2016
Computer Business Review | 8 June 2016

Ransomware has been in the consumer world for some time but is now making more inroads into businesses. According to Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann, this is not so much a repurposing of ransomware for the enterprise but the employees bringing consumer-targeted threats into the enterprise with them. This is a particular danger of BYOD policies. More

Ransomware-Angriffe in Echtzeit erkennen
LANline | 8 June 2016

Ransomware-Angriffe entwickeln sich für Unternehmen zu einer zunehmenden Gefahr, der IT-Sicherheits Teams kaum noch Herr werden. Vectra hat nun seine X-Series-Plattform um eine neue Dimension der Gefahrenerkennung erweitert – der Identifizierung von Ransomware-Angriffen. Diese ermöglicht eine Erkennung von Verschlüsselung jeglicher Art innerhalb weniger Sekunden, wodurch Unternehmen den Schaden dieses heimtückischen Malware-Typs signifikant verringern können. More

Vectra stellt Ransomware-Erkennung für Firmen vor | 7 June 2016

Der Sicherheitsanbieter Vectra hat seine X-Series genannte, zentrale Angriffserkennungsplattform um Algorithmen zur Identifizierung von Attacken mit Erpresser-Software erweitert. Die Plattform soll dadurch stattfindende Ransomware-Angriffe auf ein Unternehmen unmittelbar erfassen und verhindern können, dass Daten von einem oder mehreren Computern aus dem Firmennetzwerk verschlüsselt sowie der Zugriff darauf – im günstigsten Fall – nur nach Zahlung eines Lösegeldes an den Hacker erfolgen kann. More

Vectra Networks Enables Organizations to Stem the Ransomware Pandemic with New Real-time Detection Capabilities
Vectra Press Release | 7 June 2016

Vectra Networks successfully enables enterprise customers to halt ransomware attacks with a new class of threat detection capabilities available in its X-series platform, designed for real-time detection of in-progress cyber attacks. More

Wirksamer Schutz vor Ransomware-Angriffen durch Echtzeiterkennung von Vectra Networks
Vectra Press Release | 7 June 2016

Vectra® Networks verkündet heute die Erweiterung seiner X-Series-Plattform um eine neue Dimension der Gefahrenerkennung – der Identifizierung von Ransomware-Angriffen. More

The risk and rise of ransomware
SC Magazine | 3 June 2016

Ransomware is popular because the malware can be monetised anonymously and quickly. "Through the use of bitcoin payment systems," explains Günter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks, "the criminal can force the victim to pay the ransom in a monetary unit that facilitates complete anonymity and can be trivially converted to cash." More

2016: The year we strike back
CSO | 2 June 2016

Despite awareness of the perimeter security problem, security dollars remain hard to come by. A recent Vectra survey suggests that just 34 percent of respondents expected to get extra budget to address growing threats from insider attacks, despite 62 percent saying that such attacks have become a more frequent problem in the last 12 months. More

Microsoft warns of rare ransomware worm
TechTarget | 1 June 2016

Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra Networks, said ransomware worms are part of the natural evolution of malware. "It is important to remember that while ransomware is the newest head on the malware hydra, it is still malware. As such it can be delivered and propagated in all the ways that we have seen malware used in the past." More

DPI goes blind as encryption adoption increases
ITProPortal | 1 June 2016

As the encryption of North-South corporate network traffic reaches levels of 60 per cent or more in most environments, organisations are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to plan for the abandonment of the DPI-based perimeter defences they’ve depended upon for a decade and a half. More

Going deeper on behavioral detection
SecurityWeek | 31 May 2016

"Behavior-based detection models see things that simple signatures miss, and provide more clarity than only looking at anomalies," writes Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra. "These are complimentary approaches that need to work with one another in context. This gives us multiple perspectives to detect threats." More

How to alleviate the 15 top stressors in IT systems
eWeek | 27 May 2016

"Analyst firm EMA recently analyzed organizations that experienced 500 to1,000 critical alerts per day and found that 88 percent only had enough staff to investigate 25 or fewer incidents per day," says Wade Williamson, director of threat analytics at Vectra. "Unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of critical events were being ignored." More

Keep IoT security under close surveillance
IoT Global Network | 25 May 2016

Organisations that embrace IoT need to supplement traditional security with behavior-based models of threat detection," says Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra. "It’s fast becoming the best way to detect an active threat or attack regardless of the type of device that was first infected.” More

Machine learning helps detect real-time network threats
ThirdCertainty | 23 May 2016

“The core problem is that all the sensors the company has invested in – firewalls, sandboxes, AV – act as good filters, but they don’t stop everything from getting in,” says Oliver Tavakoli, Vectra chief technology officer. Vectra CSO Günter Ollmann adds that traditional tools relied on blacklists, two-dimensional signatures and behavioral analytics, which are driven by human decisions. More

How to handle the new U.S.-EU data regulations
TechRadar | 23 May 2016

The U.S.-EU Privacy Shield is seen – from a European perspective – as weak, and unable to prevent NSA surveillance of EU citizens. "The Privacy Shield is taking so long to agree due to the vast legal differences between the EU and U.S., especially when it comes to the handling of personal data," says Günter Ollmann, CSO at Vectra Networks. More

It's behavior, not names, that gives attackers away
CSO | 19 May 2016

“There seems to be a lot of pride in naming threats,” says Mike Banic, vice president of Vectra Networks, “but a lot of them behave in similar ways, and you don’t need a signature to recognize that. The IP address and the URL may change, but the fundamental behavior will not.” More

Domain abuse sinks ‘anchors of trust’
DarkReading | 18 May 2016

Günter Ollmann, chief security officer at Vectra Networks, notes that 0.2% of expired domains were found to be tied to some malicious behavior. “It is a very subtle attack and unlikely to be detected immediately” with today’s reputation systems, he says. More

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