Security that thinks

Vectra continuously listens, thinks and learns. Adapting to the fast-changing malware threat landscape, Vectra instantly detects attacks at every phase as they are happening.


Ever wonder what an attacker does inside your network?

Read the first industry report that studies what attackers did once they breach the perimeter security at financial, technology, legal and high-education organizations.


Targeted attacks

Learn how targeted attacks work and how Vectra detects attacks that evade perimeter security, and protects users from targeted attacks for which signatures and reputation lists have very limited efficacy.


BYOD ushers in security exploits

Detecting malware on BYOD and mobile devices is a requirement for 60% of organizations according to the second annual report on BYOD and Mobility Security from the Information Security Community on LinkedIn.


Getting a clear picture of a computer network’s security

With Vectra, you can quickly find out what’s inside the network, with an advanced degree of precision, so that CISOs don’t have to spend all their time chasing false leads.

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Cyber security hygiene to prevent malware threats

The CEO of the Council on Cyber Secuity, Jane Lute, discusses the ever-changing malware threat landscape and Vectra’s ability to continuously scan, diagnose and provide opportunities to mitigate loss during the lifecycle of a malware threat.




Up and running in minutes. Vectra learns everything it needs to know.


Continuous malware threat monitoring instantly identifies any phase of an attack.


The Threat Certainty Index™ ensures you address the highest malware threat first.


Learns new malware threat behaviors and adapts to your ever-changing network.


Catch Attackers Attempting to Shellshock You
9 September 2014

Newly discovered vulnerabilities like Shellshock, and Heartblees before it, don’t need to induce a gut-wrenching moment of fear or panic if you take steps to effectively protect your organizations. More

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News & Media

Vectra Networks’ Post Breach Report Reveals Attacker Habits
The VAR Guy | 25 November 2014

Ten percent of hosts experience at least one or more cyberattacks that bypass enterprise security perimeter defenses, according to a new study by security solution provider Vectra Networks. More

NotCompatible Mobile Malware Gets Badder
LinuxInsider | 21 November 2014

The new "C" version of the NotCompatible malware that targets Android devices is very difficult to stop -- but it's not that hard to avoid. More

Feedback Friday: Executives Targeted in 'Darkhotel' Attacks - Industry Reactions
Security Week | 14 November 2014

When it comes tothe DarkHotel issue and the fast-evolving threat landscape, "what the malware is doing" is more important than "what the malware is." More

Survey Roundup: False Sense of Security?
Wall Street Journal | 14 November 2014

A report by data security company Vectra Networks looks at how cybercriminals bypass perimeter defenses, andwhat they do inside a network once they have gained access. More

Targeted Attacks Cause Damage in Multiple Ways
eWeek | 14 November 2014

Overall, 15 percent of hosts in the participating organizations experienced a targeted attack, according to a Vectra Networks report. More

USPS Employees, Retirees, Customers Exposed in Hack Attack
Tech News World | 11 November 2014

There's speculation that China might be behind a months-long hack attack that breached USPS servers, compromising personal data of workers and customers. More

What Attackers Do after a Breach
ISS Source | 6 November 2014

An attack happens and he or she is able to squeeze by the perimeter defense; that is just the beginning for an assault on a network, a new report shows. More

BYOD and Other Hazards
GARP | 6 November 2014

Mobile technologies can be a boon to productivity, but they also introduce cyber-security vulnerabilities that technologists and insurers are laboring to protect. More

From Malware To Breach
Dark Reading | 6 November 2014

Got malware? More than likely you do, but don't panic: The bulk of infections can be traced to standard botnet activity like spamming and click-fraud rather than data theft, a new study of real-world breaches has found. More

Study: Organizations assailed by cyber attacks, 15 percent are targeted
SC Magazine | 6 November 2014

Highly organized, sophisticated and successful cyber attacks continue to assail organizations and while most are opportunistic, a higher than expected percentage are targeted, according to results from a recent study. More

What attackers do after bypassing perimeter defenses
Help Net Security | 6 November 2014

Vectra Networks collected data over five months from more than 100,000 hosts within sample organizations to gain a deeper understanding of breaches that inevitably bypass perimeter defenses, and what attackers do once inside networks. More

Vectra Networks Report Reveals What Attackers Do Once Bypassing Perimeter Defenses
InfoTech | 5 November 2014

This is the first report, using real-world data from the Vectra X-series platforms currently in production networks, that reveals what attackers do within a network once they evade perimeter defenses. More

First Edition of The Post Breach Industry Report Reveals What Attackers Do Once Bypassing Perimeter Defenses
Vectra Press Release | 5 November 2014

Vectra Networks, a leader in real-time detection of in-progress cyber-attacks, today announced the results of the first edition of The Post Breach Industry Report, an industry study using real-world data from enterprise networks to reveal what attackers do within a network once they evade perimeter defenses. More

CTR's Top 25 Must Have Software Applications
Computer Technology Review | 27 October 2014

Every year Computer Technology Review ranks the top 25 software applications that you absolutely must check out. This year, new-comer Vectra Networks is in the mix. More

Some U.S. retailers shun Apple Pay, eye rival payments system
Reuters | 27 October 2014

Some large U.S. retailers are refusing to use Apple Inc's new electronic payments service as they commit to developing a rival payments system that would bolster their profits by eliminating credit card transaction fees. More

Cyber Security Goes Mobile
Institutional Investor | 20 October 2014

Mobile technology advances have brought about the once-unfathomable prospect that wireless security is at least on a par with traditional computing and networking systems -- the very ones currently fending off an unprecedented wave of cyberattacks. More

Vectra Networks Joins New A10 Security Alliance to Jointly Detect Attacks Obfuscated in Encrypted SSL Traffic
Vectra Press Release | 14 October 2014

Program Membership Validates Interoperability between Leading Solutions for Organizations to Detect and Address Network Breaches with Automated Detection and SSL Traffic Visibility More

Detecting cyber attacks in a mobile and BYOD organization
Help Net Security | 14 October 2014

Many organizations understand that traditional perimeter security defenses are not effective at identifying attacks on mobile devices. This application note sets out to explore the challenges, understand the needs, evaluate mobile device management as an approach to detecting attacks and offer a flexible and high efficacy solution for detecting any phase of an ongoing attack on mobile devices regardless of device type, operating system or applications installed. More

New Bash Bugs Surface
Dark Reading | 29 September 2014

If you patched your Linux-based systems before 1:11 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time yesterday for the major Shellshock vulnerability in the Bash function, your work is not done here yet. New bugs have been reported in Bash, so it's probably time to patch again, security experts warn. More

Home Depot breach bigger than Target at 56 million cards
Reuters | 18 September 2014

Vectra CEO Hitesh Sheth says that the recent Home Depot breach exposes a serious security weakness, noting that the company said hackers used unique, custom-built malware to compromise up to 56 million payment cards. More

Why Breach Detection Is Your New Must-Have, Cyber Security Tool
Tech Crunch | 6 September 2014

It's time for CIOs to start focusing on the next line of defense in the war against cyber crime: an emerging area called breach detection, which focuses on identifying long-tail intrusions after they happen and mitigating their damage, partly through the use of big-data technologies. Your company’s information security may depend on it. More

Getting a Clear Picture of a Computer Network’s Security
New York Times | 30 August 2014

Security experts say the only hope of protecting corporate networks from hackers is something the industry calls “defense in depth.” The phrase simply means that plugging in one traditional defense — antivirus software, or a firewall, is no longer going to cut it. More

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