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What cyber threats are lurking about in your network?
23 June 2015

Today, Vectra Networks published its second edition Post-Intrusion Report that offers a first-hand look at modern threats that get past perimeter security and spread inside the network. In the latest report, we analyzed behaviors and techniques across the entire lifecycle of real-world cyber attacks. We also looked back and saw alarming changes in the threat landscape and observed emerging trends in attack techniques. More

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Virtually every organization has been hacked
FierceCIO | 1 July 2015

There's no use in wondering anymore when your organization will be victimized by a cyberattack, it has already happened, to everyone. That is the take of an article at CIO, which noted that virtually every company has by now been compromised. More

Report: Every company is compromised, but most infections not yet at critical stage
CSO | 1 July 2015

In a recent analysis of a quarter-million endpoint devices in 40 enterprises, every single corporate network showed evidence of a targeted intrusion but most of the activity was not yet at the most-dangerous data exfiltration stage. More

Vectra Networks kommt nach Europa
CRN | 1 July 2015

Für seinen Eintritt in den europäischen Markt hat der Sicherheitsanbieter Vectra Networks die DACH-Region gewählt. In dieser will er nun ein Partnernetzwerk aufbauen, das seine Threat Management-Lösung verkauft. More

Das Angriffsverhalten auf IT-Infrastrukturen
Manage IT | 29 June 2015

Der zweite Post-Intrusion Report von Vectra Networks unter­sucht Bedro­hungen, die Schutz­maß­nahmen am Netzwerk­pe­ri­meter umgehen und zeigt auf, was Angreifer unter­nehmen, wenn sie im Netzwerk sind. More

WSJ Survey Roundup - Cyber Scourge Spreads
Wall Street Journal | 26 June 2015

A report from cyberdefense firm Vectra Networks found dramatic increases in lateral movements and reconnaissance are signs attackers are using targeted attacks to find ways past a company’s security perimeter. More

Targeted Attacks on the Rise; Companies Must Be on the Defensive
Website Magazine | 26 June 2015

Vectra Networks has announced the results of its second edition Post-Intrusion Report, which details threats to evade perimeter defenses and what attackers do once they get in a network. More

Survey Reports Bad-Boy Behavior After The Breach
IT-TNA | 25 June 2015

A new study from Vectra Networks provides a fascinating view of what happens after your cyber defenses have been breached. According to the second edition of its Post-Intrusion Report, there was non-linear growth in lateral movement (580%) and reconnaissance (270%) detections that outpaced the 97% increase in overall detections compared to last year. More

Malware getting smarter, stealthier once it breaches networks, Vectra analysis finds
CSO | 25 June 2015

Malicious actors are increasingly using the anonymous Tor network and external remote access tools to instigate targeted attacks that are growing in sophistication and complexity, a Vectra Networks analysis of internal traffic has shown. More

Report Finds Evidence of Surge in Targeted Cyberattacks
Homeland Security Today | 25 June 2015

In the wake of recent cyberattacks, including the high-profile breach of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), a new report from Vectra Networks has found a massive surge in the number of targeted cyberattacks, calling into question whether organizations are prepared to meet this threat. More

Cybercriminalité : L'usage de Tor a explosé de 1 000%
Le Monde Informatique | 25 June 2015

Afin de mener leurs opérations de cybercrimes, les pirates sont de plus en plus nombreux à recourir aux réseaux Internet anonymes comme Tor. En 2015, son utilisation a bondi de 1 000% par rapport à l'année précédente selon un rapport de Vectra Networks. More

Les techniques d'intrusions de réseaux informatiques évoluent
ICTjournal | 24 June 2015

Selon un rapport de Vectra Networks, les cyberattaques ciblées sont en nette augmentation. L’usage de réseaux tels que Tor se généralise. More

Security Specialists See Cyber Threats Growing
eWeek | 24 June 2015

A new survey of 500 cyber security professionals shows privileged users, such as managers with access to sensitive information, pose the biggest insider threat to organizations (59 percent). More

Report Shows Surge in Indicators of Cyber Attackers
TechZone 360 | 23 June 2015

Vectra Networks is out with the second edition of the company’s Post-Intrusion Report, a real-world study about threats that evade perimeter defenses and what attackers do once they get inside your network. It is both illuminating and disturbing. More

Targeted attacks rise, cyber attackers spreading through networks, report says
SC Magazine | 23 June 2015

Lateral movement and reconnaissance detections observed in a Vectra Networks Post-Intrusion Report, released Tuesday, show a sharp upturn in targeted attacks that have penetrated the perimeter. More

Report Finds Increasing Evidence of Cyber Attacks Penetrating Networks
THE Journal | 23 June 2015

A new six-month study of 40 customer and prospect networks (a total of more than 250,000 hosts) across multiple industries, has identified a surge in the typical indicators of targeted attacks on today's networks. More

Report Identifies Increasing Evidence of Cyber Attacks Penetrating Networks
Campus Technology | 23 June 2015

A new study has identified a surge in the typical indicators of targeted attacks on today's networks. Nearly 25 percent of the data analyzed was from education networks. More

New Post-Intrusion Report Shows Surge in Indicators of Cyber Attackers Spreading throughout Networks
Vectra Press Release | 23 June 2015

A real-world study about threats that evade perimeter defenses and what attackers do once they get inside your network. More

Cyber attackers prefer to encrypt communications, report shows | 23 June 2015

Cyber attackers are using encryption to hide their communications, a study by Vectra Networks has revealed. Encryption provides an additional layer of protection to hide cyber attackers' traffic, resulting in a preference for HTTPS. More

Report finds Hackers Delving Deep Into Compromised Networks
The Security Ledger | 23 June 2015

A report studying compromised networks from the firm Vectra finds a big jump in “lateral movement,” as hackers delve deeper into hacked organizations. More

Vectra Networks expands in DACH region
Telecompaper | 23 June 2015

Vectra Networks has entered the European market, starting in the DACH region with headquarters in Zurich, reports. The company specialising in guarding against cyber-attacks is first focusing its expansion on building partner networks in different countries; LC Systems is a first partner in Switzerland. In Germany, Vectra Networks has won over Telonic, IT-Cube and Indevis. More

Vectra Networks kommt nach DACH
Channel Biz | 23 June 2015

Vectra Networks möchte in der DACH-Region (Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz) seine automatisierten Threat-Management-Lösung etablieren. Von Zürich aus werden Mitarbeiter mit Unterstützung bereits gewonnener Reseller die Technologie von Vectra Networks aktiv in die Märkte der jeweiligen Länder tragen. More

Vectra Networks nimmt DACH-Region ins Visier
Swiss IT Reseller | 23 June 2015

Vectra Networks hat den Eintritt in den europäischen Markt gewagt und setzt in einem ersten Schritt auf die DACH-Region. Diese soll von Zürich aus koordiniert werden. More

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