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How to Detect Hidden Cyberattack Communications Inside Today's Networks


Detecting Advanced Threats Using Network Traffic Analysis


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The latest research shows spikes in reconnaissance and lateral movement, changes in command-and-control attack techniques, and a penchant for using hidden tunnels to smuggle data within HTTPS traffic.


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The Chocolate Sprinkles of InfoSec
2 February 2016

In the rapidly expanding world of threat intelligence, avalanches of static lists combine with cascades of streaming data to be molded by evermore sophisticated analytics engines the output of which are finally presented in a dazzling array of eye-candy graphs and interactive displays. More

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IP Cameras – The All-Seeing IoT Security Challenge
InfoSecurity | 3 February 2016

Matt Walmsley, EMEA Director, Vectra said, “Organisations that embrace the IoT need to supplement traditional security with behaviour-based models of threat detection. It’s fast becoming the best way to detect an active threat or attack regardless of the type of device that was first infected.” More

Friendly Fire: the insider threat
Computing Security | 2 February 2016

Gerard Bauer, VP EMEA, Vectra commented, "Security leaders have to understand their organisation's context and operations, in order to strike a balance between protection, control and creating value.” More

Decrypt SSL traffic to detect hidden threats
CSO | 2 February 2016

Günter Ollmann, chief security officer, Vectra said, “The ability to inspect traffic is very helpful in being able to recognize loss and greatly reduce threats at the network level, but the security threats of SSL traffic are no different from any other major threats.” More

Vectra Networks Closes Landmark Year with Record Sales Growth, Large Customer Wins and Continuous Recognition in 2015
Vectra Press Release | 2 February 2016

Vectra Networks announces record bookings growth of nearly 400 percent in 2015 over 2014. This rapid sales growth across North America and Europe was complemented by an expanded workforce which grew by 86 percent around the globe in 2015, and a significant number of awards and industry distinctions. More

Review: Vectra Networks X-series platform
SC Magazine | 1 February 2016

This is about as simple for the operator as it gets. For a very focused tool, this one excels at what it does and is quite good at peripheral tasks associated with its main mission. There are lots of resources on its website in the form of white papers, a Vectra boot camp and others. The Vectra Threat Labs turn out some of the more useful and interesting research we've seen. Overall, this is a rather complete and quite focused package that is well worth the price. More

Charting a middle path on the encryption debate
SecurityWeek | 1 February 2016

The debate on encryption is replaying across the spectrum of information security. The issue is that while everyone wants their own data to remain private, things get a bit murky when bad guys start using encryption to hide their actions. More

Beyond the firewall era: Four core principles for building a secure network architecture
Information Age | 26 January 2016

Vectra Networks CSO Gunter Ollmann shares why from a network perspective, when looking at the architecture of critical defenses, security products alone are no longer enough. More

Vectra secures college campuses from BYOD threats
Next Generation Communications | 20 January 2016

January means college students returning from their winter break with their mobile devices in tow. While the students are away, many higher education institutions are turning to solutions like those from Vectra Networks to secure their campus networks. Worcester Polytechnic Institute is one of them. More

Vectra Networks Continues to Gain Traction in Higher Education Market by Delivering Advanced Threat Protection for Mobile Campus Environments
Vectra Press Release | 20 January 2016

CEO Hitesh Sheth is serving as an advisor to American University Kogod School of Business Cybersecurity Governance Center; as Vectra Networks contributes to the Rochester Institute of Technology Collegiate Pentesting Competition. More

No surprise: IoT devices easy to hack
ISSsource | 19 January 2016

Internet of Things (IoT) devices have promised to provide great dividends, but they also have the potential to bring more security issues to the party. Case in point: researchers at Vectra Networks have been able to turn an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi security web camera into a persistent backdoor. More

Vectra Networks discovers vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi security web cameras
Security Asia | 18 January 2016

Vectra Networks’s research arm Vectra Threat Labs has verified that consumer-grade Internet of Things (IoT) products, such as Wi-Fi security web cameras, can be hacked and reprogrammed to serve as permanent backdoors, enabling potential attackers to remotely command and control a cyber attack without being detected by traditional security products. More

Vectra Networks reveals worrying vulnerability in IoT devices
IoT Tech | 18 January 2016

Threat management provider Vectra Networks has revealed a potentially alarming security hack in a Wi-Fi-enabled camera – which could have repercussions for other IoT devices. More

Höhere Sicherheit fürs interne Netzwerk [Increased security for internal network]
IT-ZOOM | 18 January 2016

Zur Optimierung der IT-Sicherheit des internen Netzwerks nutzt HRS Analysetechnik von Vectra Networks, einem Anbieter von Lösungen zur Echtzeiterkennung laufender Cyber-Angriffe. [To optimize the IT security of the internal network uses HRS analysis technology of Vectra Networks, a provider of solutions for real-time detection of ongoing cyber attacks.] More

HRS optimiert Sicherheit des internen Netzwerks mit Vectra Networks [HRS optimized security of the internal network with Vectra Networks]
IT Daily | 18 January 2016

HRS nutzt Analysetechnik von Vectra Networks, ein Anbieter von Lösungen zur Echtzeit-Erkennung laufender Cyber-Angriffe, zur Optimierung der IT-Sicherheit des internen Netzwerks. [HRS uses analytical technique of Vectra Networks, a provider of solutions for real-time detection of ongoing cyber attacks, to optimize the IT security of the internal network.] More

Cheap web cams can open permanent, difficult-to-spot backdoors into networks
Slashdot | 16 January 2016

Researchers from the Vectra Threat Lab have demonstrated how easy it can be to embed a backdoor into such a web cam, with the goal of proving how IoT devices expand the attack surface of a network. More

Data Science ergänzt SSL [Data Science Adds SSL]
Computerwoche | 15 January 2016

Die Vorteile, die Cloud Computing bringt, stehen für die meisten Unternehmen mittlerweile außer Frage. Doch Zweifel an Security und Datenschutz sind auch ein Thema. SSL-Verschlüsselung allein ist dabei nicht ausreichend. Ein neuer Ansatz aus Data Science und maschinellem Lernen muss her. [The benefits of cloud computing are unquestionable, but doubts about security and data protection are also an issue. SSL encryption alone is not sufficient. A New Approach of Data Science and machine learning is needed.] More

IoT security price tag: ‘$1 per thing’
IT Business Edge | 14 January 2016

Turning an IoT device into a backdoor essentially gives hackers 24×7 access to an organisation’s network without needing to infect a laptop, workstation or server, all of which are usually under high scrutiny by firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and malware sandboxes, and typically run antivirus software that is updated regularly. More

Why you should separate your IoT security policy from BYOD policies
IT Business Edge | 14 January 2016

Vectra Threat Labs reported how easy it was to hack into an inexpensive webcam. "The design of many mass-produced consumer-level electronics is very similar," said Vectra Chief Security Office Gunter Ollmann. "Devices that can be easily attached to the network and remotely controlled or managed via the Internet tend to be soft targets." More

Security: Protecting privacy without prying
Internet Telephony | 14 January 2016

Cybercriminals stole more than twice as many data records in 2015 than the year before. That’s why 76 percent of U.S. executives are more concerned about cyber threats this year, according to PwC. As cybersecurity becomes a top priority for business and government, there remains serious debate about whether the right to data privacy must be sacrificed to provide adequate protection. More

Vectra Networks reveals vulnerabilities in IoT devices
IoT Evolution | 13 January 2016

The full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still not very clear, but one thing it will do for sure is connect more things and make them smarter. The always connected nature of this technology means it could potentially be accessed at any given time. More

Webcam turns to the dark side, becomes a backdoor in the right hands
Softpedia | 13 January 2016

Security researchers have transformed a D-Link DCS 930L Web camera into a backdoored spying device capable of lurking on the local network of its victims without leaving a clue as to its presence. More

Vectra Threat Labs warns: Consumer IoT vulnerable to exploits
CIO Review | 13 January 2016

Vectra Threat Labs has found that consumer-grade IoT products such as Wi-Fi security cameras are vulnerable to exploits. They can be easily hacked and reprogrammed by the attackers, turning them into permanent backdoors. Attackers can remotely command and control attack without fear of being detected by preventive measures. More

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Ahead of RSA – Threat detection algorithms turn big data into better data

9 February 2016 12 PM PST

Advanced persistent threat (APT) detection and analysis are instrumental in identifying cyber attacks that evade perimeter security and spread inside networks. But the Big Data collected often lacks actionable, real-time information about attack behaviors, infected hosts, and the impact an active threat may have on critical business assets.

The problem is Big Data itself – it’s raw and requires intense human analysis to extract anything meaningful. And unfortunately, Big Data products like SIEMs and log managers collect security data from various sources that failed to detect an attack in the first place. As a result, security teams waste precious time.

Join David Monahan, research director at leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), and Wade Williamson, director of product marketing at Vectra Networks, for this insightful webinar that explains how threat detection algorithms can replace your Big Data with better data.

Attend to learn how algorithms can improve incident response, reduce risk and improve ROI. Register today.

Vectra Bootcamp

10 February 2016 10:30 AM PST

The Vectra Bootcamp offers a live 30-minute introduction to the Vectra product and its underlying technology. In this session we will provide a foundation for understanding how Vectra can help you detect even the most advanced threats while making your security team faster and more efficient. We will provide a live demonstration and include interactive Q&A to answer any questions you may have. Register today.

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