Vectra named Cool Vendor in Security Intelligence, 2015

Cool Vendors in security intelligence offer highly innovative technologies that address an organization's demand for data-driven analytics, techniques in obfuscation and deception, and advanced detection solutions.


Santa Clara University masters threat detection

Santa Clara University relies on Vectra to maintain its open, collaborative environment while proactively detecting threats in its campus network. With Vectra, SCU can identify the real security dangers and ignore the false alarms in a university environment.


Stop attacks
in real time

Vectra and John Pescatore of SANS analyze recent advanced targeted attacks, highlight new trends and common features, and discuss the best way to detect and mitigate these threats.


Detecting cyber attackers in every corner

The new S-series sensor enables Vectra to detect every phase of an active cyber attack across every location of your organization from far-flung remote sites to internal segments containing key assets.


Security that thinks

Vectra continuously listens, thinks and learns. Adapting to the fast-changing malware threat landscape, Vectra instantly detects attacks at every phase as they are happening.




Up and running in minutes. Vectra learns everything it needs to know.


Continuous malware threat monitoring instantly identifies any phase of an attack.


The Threat Certainty Index™ ensures you address the highest malware threat first.


Learns new malware threat behaviors and adapts to your ever-changing network.


Automate detection of cyber threats in real time. Why wait?
15 May 2015

Time is a big expense when it comes to detecting cyber threats and malware. The proliferation of new malware variants makes it impossible to detect and prevent zero-day threats in real-time. Sandboxing takes at least 30 minutes to analyze a file and deliver a signature – and by then, threats will have spread to many more endpoints. More

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News & Media

Santa Clara University Leverages Vectra Networks to Protect Against Advanced Persistent Threats and Malware on Campus Network
Vectra Press Release | 19 May 2015

Santa Clara University (SCU) has deployed Vectra's X-series platform, enabling them to protect private university and student information on its campus network from malware and today’s advanced persistent threats. More

Supporting Academic Openness While Protecting the Campus Network
Campus Technology | 13 May 2015

Looking for a way to gain more visibility into network traffic and quickly diagnose and prioritize threats, Santa Clara University turned to the X-series platform from Vectra Networks. More

Vectra Networks Named as Finalist for Multiple Awards Categories in 2015 American Business Awards
Vectra Press Release | 11 May 2015

Vectra Networks earns four finalist honors at the 13th Annual Stevie Awards for protecting networks from threats, malware and security attacks. More

How long is the wait?
Help Net Security | 8 May 2015

We spend a lot of time waiting and we have grown accustomed to it. Having to wait even extends to cybersecurity. Waiting twenty minutes for a table may be tolerable, but waiting for an update to secure your network is not. More

Vectra Networks Named a “Cool Vendor” in Security Intelligence by Gartner
Vectra Press Release | 4 May 2015

Vectra has been has been included in the list of “Cool Vendors” in the Cool Vendors in Security Intelligence, 2015 report by Gartner, Inc. Vendors selected for “Cool Vendor” report are innovative and industry-impacting. More

Vectra Networks Targets Enterprise Security Blind Spots
Database Trends and Applications | 27 April 2015

Vectra Networks introduces a threat detection platform that extends automated real-time cybersecurity into all corners of an organization, including previous blind spots such as remote sites and internal network segments. More

Protecting the Assets as Well as the Access
Building the Converged Branch | 27 April 2015

In order to safeguard their data and assets, it has become essential for organizations to bring a more inward-focused approach to security, one that looks at all network traffic and provides an ongoing focus on the organization's most critical data and assets. More

Vectra Networks Earns Three Global Excellence Awards at RSA Conference; Honored for Delivering the Best Innovation in Enterprise Security
Vectra Press Release | 22 April 2015

Info Security Products Guide has named Vectra Networks as the winner of three distinguished awards in the 2015 Global Excellence Awards program. More

Winners of the 11th Annual 2015 Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards
Info Security Products Guide | 22 April 2015

Vectra Networks, the leader in real-time detection of cyber attacks in-progress, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Vectra Networks as the winner of three distinguished awards in the 2015 Global Excellence Awards program. More

Vectra Networks Honored as Network Security Cutting Edge Award Winner in 3rd Annual 2015 Cyber Defense Magazine Awards Program
Vectra Press Release | 20 April 2015

Cyber Defense Magazine has named the Vectra Networks X-series as the winner of the 2015 Cutting Edge Award in the Network Security Solutions award category. More

Perimeter Security has Perfect Amnesia
Infosecurity Magazine | 20 April 2015

Perimeter security is designed to prevent the bad guys from getting into your network, but it is failing more and more frequently. It is designed to look at a group of packets, inspect them for threats, and immediately decide to either forward them on to their final destination or drop them. More

Vectra Networks Selected as Finalist for RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2015
Vectra Press Release | 15 April 2015

Vectra Networks has been named one of 10 finalists for the RSA® Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest 2015, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. More

Vectra Networks Earns Computer Technology Review MVP Award for Protecting Networks from Threats, Malware and Cyber Attacks
Vectra Press Release | 14 April 2015

Computer Technology Review (CTR) has named the recently announced Vectra S-series sensor as a 2015 Most Valuable Products Award winner. More

From Malware Atoms to Cybersecurity Chemistry
Security Week | 13 April 2015

As cyber attackers have evolved, they have become more patient, long-term and strategically focused on the key assets deep within a network. Instead of a smash-and-grab robbery performed at the time of infection, attackers have adopted a slow-and-steady approach to take full advantage of the access they gain after a successful infection. More

Are cyber-attackers stealing from inside your network?
Global Corporate Venturing | 9 April 2015

Use data science and machine learning to visualise the problem so security managers can see their biggest threats in a glance, rather than sift through mountains of data and performing hours and days of painstaking manual analysis. With security that thinks, security managers and their organisations can better leverage the human assets they have, making them better protected with criminals held at bay. More

Vectra Provides Pervasive Visibility & Analysis to Detect Cyber Attacks
EMA Blogs | 9 April 2015

Seeing the pervasiveness of the cyber infestation problem and understanding that total-environmental visibility is crucial in defense, Vectra developed the S-series sensor to expand the reach of its detection capability at a reduced cost of detection. More

CTR MVP Awards: Vectra S-series Sensor
Computer Technology Review | 1 April 2015

Vectra is the first to extend real-time cybersecurity to remote sites and internal segments to automate detection of all phases of an attack anywhere in an organization. Combining sensors with Vetra’s X-series platform allows customers to automatically see indicators of a cyber attack anywhere in the network without incremental investment in system analyst resources. More

Vectra Networks ships a new sensor for its attack-detection gear
Network World | 27 March 2015

Vectra Networks is rolling out a new appliance that gives its attack-detection gear better visibility into potentially malicious activity on corporate networks. More

Vectra Networks Receives Top EdTech Digest 2015 Award for Protecting Campus Networks from Threats, Malware and Cyber Attacks
Vectra Press Release | 26 March 2015

Vectra Wins Cool Tool Award in the Security/Privacy Solution Category for Delivering Comprehensive Threat Analysis and Real-Time Indicators of Attack throughout Universities’ BYOD Environments More

Network-based Threat Detection: Overcoming the Limitations of Prevention
Securosis | 25 March 2015

Organizations continue to invest heavily to block advanced attacks, on both endpoints and networks. Despite all this investment devices continue to be compromised in increasing numbers, and high-profile breaches continue unabated. Something isn’t adding up. More

Automated Breach Detection Sensors | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]
Ulitzer | 24 March 2015

There is a growing requirement for cybersecurity monitoring and detection across all sites of an organization because, as we have seen, attackers look to invade the network where security is the weakest. Monitoring and protection needs to extend deeper into internal segments where the majority of an attack occurs as the intruder spies, spreads and steals. More

Vectra Networks Protects Distributed Enterprise Blind Spots from Persistent Cyber Attacks
TechZone 360 | 24 March 2015

Vectra Networks, an innovator in solutions that enable IT to detect cyber attacks in real-time while they are in progress, has announced new capabilities that can provide the good guys the expanded visibility they desire and the bad guys something to think about. More

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